Mt. Olivet Lodge No. 226

Christiansburg, Ohio


Key Dates in the History of our Worshipful Lodge

  • Our Dispensation was granted on April 15, 1852. Our first meeting was held  on April 28, 1852.
  • Our Charter was granted on October 22, 1852.
  • Mr. Gorsuch was the first Brother to be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on May 12, 1852.
  • Dues were only $2.00 annually!
  • Our Lodge formerly met in the International Order of the Odd Fellows (IOOF) until the move into our current facility which was completed on September 2, 1857.
  • The first meeting in the new building took place on September 2, 1857.
  • Our Temple was heavily damaged by fire on May 21, 1992.  Several of our Brethren who serve on the Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Department tirelessly fought this fire that threatened our beloved Temple.odeled and reopened in March 1993.

Three (3) of Mt. Olivet's finest have formerly served proudly as District Deputy Grand Masters:  Right Worshipful Brother R. Eugene (DEKE) Group and Right Worshipful Brother Michael D. Sullenberger.  The newest is Right Worshipful Brother Dennis Kirk (currently serving).

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